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November 2018 Goals

November 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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September 2015. That’s when I bought my first pair of Powersheets. I’m not really sure how I got on their email list, but I did, and when I got an email that said “mistake Powersheets on sale now” I jumped, not really sure what I was signing up for. Wow, those Powersheets changed my life. For almost three years, I used my Powersheets diligently month-in and month-out. In July, I decided I was done.

There were a couple of things that happened. First, I felt like the Powersheets branding was getting a bit out of control. While I understand their intention, there was so much emphasis on stickers and making things +~beautiful~+ that I worried they were losing sight of the goal: empower women to cultivate whatever is important to them. As a result, I was offput by the community they were building. If you want to help people achieve their goals, great, but you cannot both say “push yourself to hit these goals” and “it’s okay to make excuses.” Second, I wasn’t enjoying the before-/after-work each month. That means I was really only interested in the monthly tending sheet pages. Sixty-five dollars is a lot to pay for a templated page that’s repeated for 12 months. As a result of these feelings, I will not be buying Powersheets for 2019. 


Just because I am not using Powersheets does not mean I don’t have goals!

November Monthly Goals

Finish 4 Books. I am 1 book behind my goal pace for the year (3 per month to finish 36 books), so I’ll need to try to catch up this month with 4 books. I’m currently finishing up a galley copy of Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan. This month I’m hoping to also finish (ambitious goals here) Company of One by Paul Jarvis, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried and David Hannemeier Hanson, and Them by Ben Sasse. Ambitious, I know.

Twenty workouts. Just fitness plugging away on being fitness.

Finish Baltimore Ornament. In the beginning of the year, I set the goal of finishing my ornament before July so that it could be finished for Christmas. Clearly that didn’t happen. I’d like to just finish it this month so that I can send it out and get a new one to work on (and hopefully finish earlier) next year.

Don’t die after half marathon. I’m running a half marathon this weekend. I signed up for it less than 3 weeks ago. My goal is to finish under 2:30 and not die.

Picture for Proof I’m insane

Finalize study plan for NASM. My test is coming up in January and I’m behind on studying! I need to make a plan for how to get studying in and all the other things I need to do.

Start planning “relationship summit” for December. I’m not sure where I first heard this term, but we had our first relationship summit last year. It’s essentially a weekend you set aside to talk about goals and where you want to be the following year. It’s a great time to check in on work, roles, responsibilities, and possibilities. Last year, we set the goal of being down to 10K of debt by the end of the year and here we are debt-free.

Finish wedding planning. Here’s the list of things I still need to do for the wedding:

  • Get under the dress things
  • Pay for sabers
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner outfit
  • Buy earrings and bracelet
  • Order ceremony programs
  • Send final guest count to venue and cake place
  • Set aside tip money
  • Work on bathroom baskets
  • Work on Welcome Bags
  • Rent backdrop for seating area
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner program & seating chart

I think that’s everything, but who knows. I’m sure more things will come up.

November Weekly Goals

Write “Last Week in Workouts”. Ideally, I’d write these on Sundays to be published on Monday mornings, but Monday mornings are fine too.

Write Weekly Updates on These go up on Sundays and a great way for me to look at the landscape of the week.

Work on the Content Audit for 20 minutes every Thursday. That’s all I need to do.

Write 1 blog post every week that is not one of the ones in these goals. Shouldn’t be hard, right?

November Daily Goals

  • Workout
  • Read
  • Floss
  • No Spend
  • Hit my Macros


November will be a busy month; there is no doubt about it. It should, though, be an exciting month with family coming from Brazil, and lots of exciting things going on to help keep me busy. I’m certainly excited for what it will bring!

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