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November 2016 Goals

November 1, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Happy November! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month! I’m so ready to get into a routine again. It’s crazy how much traveling can make such a huge difference in my ability to “get shit done.” I did super poorly on my goals this month and it’s guaranteed to be a combination of the result of traveling and losing weekends. They are incredibly valuable to my ability to keep it all together. The good news is that November is already shaping up to be a slower month! Who would have thought I would be excited to stay at home?!

Social Media Check-in

October: Twitter, 1441; Instagram, 2523; Pinterest, 1221; Facebook, 650; Bloglovin, 577  = 6412
November: Twitter, 1434 (-7); Instagram, 2514 (-9); Pinterest, 1230 (+9); Facebook, 653 (+3); Bloglovin, 577 (0) = 6408 (-4), No change

You know, this is just normal fluctuations meaning really there’s just no change. Which makes sense because I didn’t do much. I only posted 5 times (two of those being written by not-me). I’m in a phase of life where just treading is a win.

October Goals

Blog // Redo Burke Does About Page. FAIL. On to the next one…

Blog // Redo Burke Does As Seen On Page. FAIL. On to the next one…

Productivity // Wake up by 6 AM 3 times per week. ??? So I wrote on my Tending List “Wake up by 7” and tracked that, but I did not track waking up by 6. This feels a bit like the right hand didn’t talk to the left.

Financial // Rebuild $1000 Emergency Fund. FAIL. I’m really bummed about this. You see, I had some medical expenses come up that I was not prepared for. I actually ended up going into more debt and I haven’t even had the $1050 medical expense I’m going to need this week. Not only did I not rebuilt my emergency fund, but I ended up going into debt. A huge huge huge disappointment for you and me.

Fitness // Crossfit 15x this month. SUCCESS. I was this 17 times this month, including my very first Crossfit Competition. You can see some more of my photos and videos from that and my other adventures on my Food and Fitstagram.

Social // Rock the LaRocque wedding. This was last Saturday and it was so much fun!

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. I can do it!! FAILActually, I fell a little bit behind this month, with some traveling over the weekends and Rails and lots of things.

Build // Spend 2 Hours on Learn.Co. DIFFERENT SUCCESS. I’ve been focusing on my One Month Rails Course and it’s been amazing. I should be done with it this week. Working on that has gotten a lot more than 2 hours of my time, so I’m calling it a different success. (It’s not a failure; it’s a pivot.)

Read // Two books. FAIL. Unfortunately, I only finished one book this month, Nicholas Spark’s The Longest Ride. That being said, it was a perfect guilty pleasure read and my first casual-reading book all year! I did successfully complete my Goodreads Challenge this month, so that was a huge win!

Savor // Weekly reflections every single week. FAIL. Three out of five? Not bad, right?

Savor // One really nice date night. SUCCESS. Without consulting Casey, I would say that last night, Halloween, was a really special date night. Casey made us teriyaki salmon for dinner. Then we spent the night sitting outside handing out candy, holding hands and loving every second of it. It was spectacular and I loved it.

November Goals

Blog // Set up, design, & get BDR functional. There’s this new opportunity that fell in my lap that I’m very, very excited about. Unfortunately, the plan I had for it was to use a thing from a designer I like that was premade with customizations, making it super affordable. Unfortunately, the designer can’t guarantee functionality with adblockers and since I use an adblocker and my readers use adblockers. I just have to think through how I’m going to do this.

Productivity // Establish a Morning Routine. Now that I’ve been driving the kids to school for a couple of weeks, I have an idea of what my mornings should look like, so I’m going to be focusing on getting that routine down in the most optimal way.

Financial // Rebuild $1000 Emergency Fund. This is a huge reach goal because I have to also pay that medical bill. I invoiced for $1010 in freelance money last month. I’m hoping that between actually getting paid for those (still waiting on $775 of that) and invoicing new clients I will be able to have the medical debt (~$1700) to only $1000.

Fitness // Crossfit 20x this month. There are 22 weekdays this month. At least two will be lost to mouth surgery, but there are 4 Saturdays! This could be the best month for my #gainz yet!

Learn // Finish Smartly Strong!! This is the month. I need to finish the coursework and start reviewing for the exam. I can’t believe it’s finally here and then I will be “Emilie Lima Burke, M.B.A.” It’s crazy to think it’s come so far!

Build // Complete OM Rails! I have to do this on time! I can’t believe I will finally have a fully functioningweb application that I built! Isn’t that exciting?

Build // Spend 3 Hours on Learn.Co. I’m aiming for one hour per week after I finish OM Rails!

Read // Two books. I’m currently reading Dana White’s A Slob Comes Clean. Next, I have so many options! Who knows what I’ll read next?!

Professional // There’s a thing I want to do but can’t write about it here. Sorry for being weirdly cryptic, but if I’m successful I’ll be able to share next month!

Professional // Start planning an InGear Career/Tech Ladies thing. I’m not trying to execute this month, but I am hoping to get in touch with all involved parties with a vision for the event.

Savor // Plan a surprise date night for Casey!

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