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November 2015 Goals

November 6, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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HOWISITNOVEMBER?WHEREISTIMEGOING?  Actually, today is a big day, but more about that on Monday or Instagram.

First, a recap.

October Goals

Social Media Check In
October: Twitter, 209; Instagram, 2020 (okay, a decrease, but increased interaction); Pinterest, 398; Facebook, 316. = 2948
Current: Twitter, 1159; Instagram, 2245; Pinterest, 578; Facebook, 400. = 4382 + Bloglovin, 256.
148% increase! I’m very pleased!

Blog// Participate in the #BloggerLifeChallenge on Instagram in October. More details here: InstagramFAIL.
Blog// Participate in the #PeriscopewithPurpose on Periscope for October. Follow me here: PeriscopeFAIL
Blog// Push out three quality posts per week, purposefully cutting back from five per week we did this month. By committing to less posts, we’re going to committing to only quality posts. FAIL. We cut back too much? Whoops. Still trying to find our happy medium.
Blog// Participate in the Blog Passion Project‘s Pintober Challenge! I am no longer part of the BPP. So, not a failure- just a difference of opinions.

Emilie// Finish Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and read The Martian by Andy Weir and the still TBA VFA Book Club Book.MIXED RESULTS. I finished The Martian, Modern Romance, and Man’s Search for Meaning, but still reading Go Set a Watchman. Ugh. 
Emilie// Get solidly back into my routine for the whole month- I fell off the wagon when I slipped away to GA last weekend.SUCCESS. But now that I’m away again, I can feel myself slipping. Ugh.
Emilie// Finish the Paperwork for that secret project. MIXED RESULTS. I’m still trying to figure out what this project is going to look like. I’m thinking about focusing on finishing ShopHack before I start anything else, no matter how passionate I might be. 
Emilie// Write at least two guest posts for other bloggers. 

Laura// Eat less junk food – stress eating is a problem. Only once a week. MIXED RESULTS. I’ve done last binge eating and have been trying to stay healthy
Laura// Don’t kill anyone. It’s been a stressful time. Really hoping this one is a success. SUCCESS. Trust me, it wasn’t easy.
Laura// Get all my homework done and at least 6 hours of sleep each night. FAIL.

 photo November Goals_zpsfl8dv52v.png


Blog// Take Anna’s Blog Refresh Series seriously.
Blog// Support all your new blogging friends in whatever ways they need- not in how you think they need.
Blog// Try to keep Buffer always topped off. Share more of our blogging friends content.

Emilie// Finish Bossypants, The Invisible Front, and Go Set a Watchman (will it ever happen? Who knows?!).
Emilie// Take Rana’s tips and write everything down to prioritize my different side projects.
Emilie// Go on at least one date night with Casey while in GA.
Emilie// Stay on track with my Coursera course.

Laura// No fast food
Laura// Write five posts during November
Laura// To just make it to Thanksgiving break without murdering anyone

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