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October 2017 Goals

October 1, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I wrote my very goals post on this blog in February 2015. Since then, well, it’s been a journey.

I shared yesterday that I was going to be changing my goal setting system in an effort to be more intentional. I encourage to read about how I’m working to be more mindful through my goal-setting process. That means that these monthly reports are going to be changing over the next couple of months, as I discover the best way to share my progress with you.

As long-time readers will tell you, I used to set weekly goals over on Emilie’s To Do Lists. This was a core part of my goal-setting system. I set my big-picture (6-month or 12-month) goals at the beginning of each year. Then every month, I spent time deciphering what I will take on to get me towards my bigger goals by setting the monthly goals I’ve shared in the past. Then, each week I actively worked towards my goals by making a plan to do so.

As my system is in flux, I don’t know how that space will fit into my new system, but this is a journey and I’m still trying to figure it out.

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September’s Goals

Remember that September’s goals were set under the last system and this organization reflects that!


Read // Read 3 Books. ✅ In the month of September, I finished Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach, Getting Things Done by David Allen, and Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud. All solid reads.

Fitness //Workout 15 times (this accounts for the many days I’ll be traveling). ❎ Before I left for this month of travels on September 5, there were 3 week days, including the Monday of Labor Day. Of those three, I went to the gym twice. I worked out once while traveling between September 5 and September 22; I did Crossfit with my Dad at Not the Norm Crossfit in Leesburg, FL. Once I got home, I went to the gym the next day (on a Saturday). Then of the five weekdays left in the month, I went the gym four days. In total, I worked out 3 + 1 + 5 = 9 times. Not bad.

Blog // Post 8 times. ❎ Six. I published six blog posts in September. September Goals. End of Summer Favorites. Questions for a Fulfilling Life. Thank You For SharingSeptember Debt RepaymentA Different Way of Goal Setting.


1. Cut jump rope to proper length. ✅

2. Finish LPTHW. ❎

3. (Can’t-talk-about-personal code project) ❎

Meiying Ng

October’s Goals

The word of the year I set for myself was FOCUS. I think this is still true. In fact, I think that this refining of my goal setting approach is just a push for me to be even more focused! I set out to really tap into my state of focus this year, and I’m still working to get there.

What are my values?

The guiding values that I’ve set out for my year are:

  • Infinite Learning
  • Spirituality
  • Writing
  • Fitness
  • Charity
  • Financial
  • Reach
  • Managing Technology
  • Professional/Career

Which values do I want to work on this month?

  • Infinite Learning
  • Writing
  • Financial
  • Career

What goals do I want to set this month? How do those goals fit in with the values I want to work on this month?

  • Infinite Learning
    • Read 3 books
    • Start using Momentum App again to track daily habits
  • Writing
    • Blog 5 times
    • Finish the Copy Course that I’m working on
  • Financial
    • Finalize Wedding Budget with Casey
    • Financial projections for my business
    • Try to identify one more source of income
  • Career
    • Finish Udacity Course

If you’re interested in starting to change your productivity now, you can download my Weekly Kickstart to help you get things going!


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