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October 2016 Goals

October 10, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Happy Columbus Day! I know I’m the worst because I’m publishing my goals for the month a third of the way into the month (since today is the 10th). It would have been really easy to just not set goals this month and just let it slide, but you don’t make progress on goals if you don’t set them!

Social Media Check-in

September: Twitter, 1376; Instagram, 2459; Pinterest, 1190; Facebook, 623; Bloglovin, 572 = 6220 (+288), 4.9%
October: Twitter, 1441 (+65); Instagram, 2523 (+69); Pinterest, 1221 (+31); Facebook, 650 (+27); Bloglovin, 577 (+5) = 6412 (+197), 3.2%

I’m actually really impressed that we grew on every platform this month. We never grow on every platform! Also, I’ve put such little effort/energy into social media lately. I’ll take what I can get honestly. I don’t even have a social media scheduler any more #sorrynotsorry

September Goals

Blog // Prep for FinCon! Yes! I did a lot of prep for FinCon, though, admittedly there’s a lot more that I would have liked to get done, like setting up a Resources page and redoing my As Seen on Page. I guess blogging and branding is about constantly evolving.

Productivity // Wake up by 6 AM 3 times per week. FAIL. Not at all. Like ZERO. I woke up at 6 AM three times all month.

Financial // Generate $300 in Freelance Income. FAIL. I generated $275, which, I’ll take. My goal is going to be invoicing at least $575/month, I think.

Fitness // Crossfit 17x this month. I only got 12 workouts in, but I’m cool with it.

Social // Get a really nice double date with Casey and one of our friends before I start traveling for the month. Yes! Casey and I went on a wonderful hibachi dinner date for our 1000 Day Anniversary and we went on a double date with Kelly and Chad before I traveled. It was perf.

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. YES! This goal is hugely important, especially as I get to the end of the course work! Despite all my travels, I am still on track!

Build // Keep making progress on EBA, at least three weeks worth of progress. Nope. I made ZERO progress on EBA, but I’m unapologetically okay with that.

Read // Two books. I read Lauren Greutmann’s The Recovering Spender, which I reviewed here, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic! Both were great reads!

Stitch // Spend 15 minutes stitching per week. I did not touch my needlework at all. I want to get back into this, but I don’t know how because I don’t have any more time.

Savor // More weekly reflections. I only got two in this month. That’s pretty pitiful.

October Goals

Blog // Redo Burke Does About Page. I started on this, but I really perfected my pitch at FinCon, so I want to iterate on it, given that.

Blog // Redo Burke Does As Seen On Page. I want to use the Essential Grid plugin to make the page look more visually appealing.

Productivity // Wake up by 6 AM 3 times per week. Now that I have to leave the house by 710 every morning to go pick up to kiddos, I’ve lost some morning time, so I’m hoping that by waking up at 6 will help me buy some of that time back.

Financial // Rebuild $1000 Emergency Fund. I’m hoping that between only paying the minimums on my debt and freelance income I can do that this month. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I’m going to work to make it happen.

Fitness // Crossfit 15x this month. Again, traveling, so going to try to make this work.

Social // Rock the LaRocque wedding. This was last Saturday and it was so much fun!

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. I can do it!!

Build // Spend 2 Hours on Learn.Co (6 20-minute sessions). There are three weeks left in the month, this means 40 minutes per week. Totally doable.

Read // Two books. I’m currently reading Nicholas Spark’s The Longest Ride. Who knows what will come next!

Savor // Weekly reflections every single week. Yes! Getting back into the swing of things!!

Savor // One really nice date night. Just one. Extra credit if I can pay for it with my babysitting/kid-driving money.

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