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Plus one: Bo the American Bulldog

July 19, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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After living in Baltimore, MD on my own for the past 9 months, two months ago, I packed up my life and moved to Fort Bragg to be with Casey. He was gone on my birthday and he will be gone again and again. Not wanting to be totally alone in a new place, the idea of getting a furball started crossing my mind. Unfortunately, with not a lot of ground gained on my debt, the idea of buying a puppy was completely out of the question: I simply could not afford it.

While in Nashville, though, one of our friends suggested looking up our local animal shelter on Facebook, so we did. And that’s where we saw Boscoe. I didn’t want to get my hopes up or get excited, but I suggested to Casey that we go visit the shelter. Maybe we’d click with someone we liked and we could foster someone until he or she could find a more permanent home. We had been talking about wanted a Rott puppy for months. We would just go look.

The Tuesday after getting back from Nashville, we decided to go visit the Hoke County Animal Shelter. That day, we were immediately impressed with still-named-Boscoe that the Kennel said was an American Bulldog. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that he didn’t bark- not once- while we were visiting the shelter. He didn’t bark at us, or other dogs, even when we walked him. He also only went to the bathroom while on the leash- a good sign.

Despite our foray to the shelter on Tuesday morning, we left empty handed. A dog is a big commitment and one we weren’t really ready to sign up for yet. We did decide to go to Petsmart, just to see what things would run. And, well, we walked out with this bag of dog food, a dog bed that looks a lot like this, a leather dog collar, a retractable leash, and a tag for “Bo” with our phone numbers lasered on the back.

After talking about it a ton, we decided we were going to foster Bo, who we renamed from Boscoe, to see how we melded and to make sure neither of us were allergic. That day we brought him home.

I think he’s been liking it.

You see, Bo and I are BFFs now.We go on morning and lunch time walks. (Casey does the dinner walk.) He sleeps in my office while I work during the day- and sometimes lays his big head on my leg while I’m working saying “Mom, pay me attention.” We spend a lot of time cuddling on the couches or the carpet, and Bo sleeps in the bed right next to me.

He also knows the following commands: sit, stand, paw, and lay down. He came potty trained (major points!!) and has generally been very, very well behaved. We’ve had a couple of little ones over to the house and Bo, despite being large, is super well-trained around them. At most, he’s been known to give a huge lick to the face.

Last week, we got a mostly thumbs up from our vet at the Cross Creek Animal Hospital in Fayetteville.

That brings us to this week. Yesterday, I loaded Bo into the car, where he decided that he was riding in the front, despite the fact that I loaded him into the back seat. We drove back to the shelter. And Bo did not want to get out of the car. After some coaxing (thank you Milk-Bone!), I was able to get him out of the car. And…


Yesterday, I officially adopted Bo, the three-year old American Bulldog. This handsome pup is officially mine! I know that a dog is a big responsibility. In fact, I write this from the airport as I’m on my way back to Baltimore for a work trip. That means Casey is going to have to walk him in the morning and at night and I paid $10/day for someone to come do a lunchtime walk with Bo. Forty dollars, on top of everything else I’ve already spent (including a $390 vet appointment), is a lot of money, but the happiness that this guy brings me is unquantifiable. I know the startup costs are high (thank goodness we won’t need to go back to the vet for 6 months) and things will level out, but having Bo really does make me happy.

You can follow him on Insta with #BotheAmericanBulldog, which I’ll be using across all my Instas (Personal, Blog, and Food/Fitness). More than that, though, you should add me on snapchat (@burkeyo) where basically all I do is post pictures of Bo.

And he is thoroughly unamused with all my pictures.

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