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Quarter 4 Spending Ban (and an update on Q3!) 2016

October 15, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Last quarter, I announced that I was going to be doing a categorical spending ban. I would not be spending any money on books or makeup throughout the entire quarter. I knew that it would be touch, particularly on the books front, but it could really help me stick to my budget. You see, books are a big weakness of mine. They’re a huge weakness of mine. I always accumulated books as a way to add to my reading list, thinking that if I bought the book, at some point I’d read it. The result: I have a book shelf full of unread books still.

This was particularly a problem in college, where I had no time for leisure reading. I’d by a book and tell myself that I would read it over fall/winter/spring break and then those breaks would come around and I was too tired to read anything at all. In college, I just accumulated tons of leisure reading that I never touched. Even worse, though, I also accumulated lots of books for required readings from school where the required reading was one or two chapters by I still had to buy the whole book. (Thanks College Professors. -___-)

With all this context, then, it makes sense that for quarter three I chose to note spend on books. Why makeup? Well, I went into it a little bit more deeply into my original post, but essentially, I’m not super into beauty, but have felt like I accumulated enough and was going to make an effort to use up some of the things I had. As I made my way through my goods and accumulated empties, I shared them on Instagram using #BurkeDoesEmpties.

I have to say, it was a fun exercise, though I didn’t clear through nearly as much stuff as I thought I would. For that reason, I’d decided to extend the ban. As I shared on Instagram last week,  I’ve decided to extend the ban. I bought Maybelline’s Coverstick because I was without concealer, NYX Cosmetics The Curve Liner because I finished my liquid liner, and a blender. I still need moisturizer since I finished all of mine pretty quickly. From this exercise, I’ve recognized just how much makeup I have. The answer, by the way, is too much for someone who is not that into it.


Even though I did not buy any books in Q3, I still accumulated new books! I got You Only Live Once by Jason Vitug at FinCon and Sacred Spaces by Corie Weathers from a Facebook Group. I was part of the launch team for Lauren Greutmann’s The Recovering Spender and I have another launch team I’ll be working with soon. I exchanged books with Heather once and won another off Instagram. Even though I didn’t spend on books this quarter, I still accumulated more books than I read.

Though we’re a couple of weeks into the quarter, now, I’ve decided to extend my bans. No books and no makeup, except for the moisturizer I still need and will most certainly need going into the winter. Otherwise, nope! Same rules apply! From the original post:

I cannot buy books or makeup but I can be gifted them, though, I cannot ask for them as gifts. I can do book exchanges with friends and pay postage on those exchanges, but I cannot buy new books for these exchanges and I must read the books I get from the exchanges.

This ban helps me stick to my budget and gives me an excuse to say no. (Peer pressure is a huge part of why people overspend, in my opinion.)

Are you doing a category spending ban this quarter?



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