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Restaurant Review: Yard House

October 5, 2015
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Yard House is an American-fusion restaurant with over 120 beers on tap. Definitely a cool place to check out, especially with their giant beer glasses. They currently have five locations – I’ve only been to the Coral Gables location in Merrick Park.

 photo Yard House Miami FL 4_zpsokdl2sfp.png
I went with a friend of mine and we started off by sharing the lobster, crab, and artichoke dip. It was super rich and creamy, however you could not taster the artichoke at all. It was served with both tortilla chips and pita bread which was cool – pita was definitely the better choice though. It was so soft got super warm and cheesy when covered in dip – already making my mouth water.

 photo Yard House Miami FL 2_zps5cpeosui.png
I also had to try a new beer – it’s a way of life. I had a funky Buddha hop gum which is suppose to be an IPA, but it was very fruity. I actually really loved it. Super smooth to drink.

 photo Yard House Miami FL 3_zpscx1movav.png
For my dinner, I had the Banh Mi sandwich and my friend had the lettuce wraps. Yhe Banh Mi was SUPER spicy – probably because the meat was already spicy and there were jalapenos on it. I chose to have it with the Korean short rib instead of the pork belly – pork belly is a little more fatty than what I really wanted. It was also topped with a carrot and papaya relish – which I wish balanced out the spice a little more. The only problem was that the vegetables all immediately fell out of the sandwich making a mess – not cool. It also came with a broccolini slaw which, if you ask me, was a little hard. It is a raw salad – kind of like a coleslaw with broccolini. Broccolini is like broccoli, but with smaller florets, often mistaken for young broccoli. Overall, the sandwich was really good without the jalapenos, though it was a little messy. The flavors in the short ribs were fantastic with just the right amount of heat alone. I wish the plate had offered something a little more palettable than the cole slaw/ salad to go along side it to give balance it out.

 photo Yard House Miami FL_zpsquzmlgeg.png
My friend who was with me had the lettuce wraps. It was basically a bowl of ground chicken with pine nuts and green onion accompanied by lettuce and three different sauces. She said it was good, however I didn’t really have an interest in trying it. Lettuce – yuckkkkkk!

 photo Yard House Miami FL 1_zpsrzyomkab.png
The place had a very good vibe and we had the opportunity to eat outside under the palm trees and the weather was perfect. Definitely a place I would go back to.

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