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Saturday Morning Coffee // March 2019

March 2, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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It’s official, I’m a coffee drinker.

After years of “I don’t do caffeine”, I’ve hit a point in my life where I recognize that I need just a little bit more oomph to keep me going through my daily checklist. My wonderful husband drinks black coffee, so I drink black coffee now. (Folgers Black Silk, in case you were wondering)

I’m typing this from Foxy Loxy Cafe in Downtown Savannah where I’ve beaten a friend for a morning Coffee and Code session.

Here are some things I’ve got going on lately:

Currently Reading: Christina recommended The Female Brain back in December (before my book buying ban!). I’ve been working my way through it this month, and it’s been good. It is a more technical book, so requires a different pace of reading- that has left me a little frustrated. I have learned SO SO SO much, though, about the brain and hormones. +1

Currently Listening to: Most of the marriage podcasts that Amberly recommended (not the Mormon one, obvs). I don’t really know a ton about this genre of the universe, but I figured it would be worth diving in more. I have already hard unsubscribed to some of those she recommended, but I’m still glad to give it a try.

Also, anyone who uses religion as a way to justify sexism is 1000000% wrong and needs to re-read the New Testament.

Currently Savoring: The next couple of days off. I took Monday and Tuesday this week off to match C’s days off, so we’re turning this into a 4 day weekend. We’re not going anywhere, but it’ll be nice to be turned off from work for a couple of extra days (this has been some week, for sure). I deleted slack from my phone, blocked my work email, and am 100% committed to actually disconnecting.

Currently Watching: I stumbled upon Working Moms on Netflix last week and OMG IT IS SO GOOD. Please, please go watch it, if you’re in the genre of badass working women.

Off to coffee and code!

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