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Saturday Morning Tea- March Edition

March 3, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Holy batman, how is it March already?

Thanks for sitting down with me bright and early this Saturday morning. I’ve got a lot on my plate and morning wake ups make it a lot easier to #gsd (get shit done, for those unfamiliar with millennial speak). As I do every morning, I’ve got some Blue Lady Black from Zest Tea in my mug this morning. There is nothing like this cup of tea to keep me going.

We PCS’ed!

Well friends, I survived my first Army PCS. To be honest, there were less than 10 days between receiving orders and C signing in which is not at all nervewracking, but we are on the other side now. For those of you who haven’t heard or figured out, we now live in Savannah, GA. Send me all of your Savannah faves!

Since there’s a deployment on the horizon, we decided to live in an apartment complex. Unfortunately, this means I have to walk Bo again, since I can’t just let him out to a back yard. The good news is our apartment complex has a dog park! A couple of times now I’ve been porting my tea into a togo mug and then walking him over there, so that he can run while I drink my tea and read a book. So far, so good. This, of course, will not really work once I join a gym, but for now it’s okay.

The OCD in me is still going a little crazy at the state of the house. Granted, we’ve been here less than a week, I want everything to have a place already and it doesn’t. We seriously downsized from our 2200 sq ft home to a 1000 sq ft apartment so, even though we seriously purged before moving, it will take a bit for things to find their functional places.

The Gym Dilemma

Earlier this week, I drove to the Crossfit box that I’ve been scoping out for a couple of weeks since I was told we’re coming here, but I chickened out from going inside. It really is intimidating to be the new girl, especially since I’m not participating in the Open this year. I feel like there’s a badge on my forehead that says “FAILURE” because 1. not doing Open, 2. I’ve been in better shape, 3. I’m going to be traveling for 11 days this month which means time away from the gym, 4. I’m the new kid and PITY PARTY.

I know that I just need to get over this intimidation, so my plan is to do this on TUESDAY. Monday, I have a standing work meeting at 745 AM that keeps me from morning workouts, but Tuesday I’m going to try their 8:30 AM classes.

On a different note, C and I are going to try out the local Orange Theory tomorrow and that should be fine. I’m excited to be reminded how out of shape I am 🙄

Also, I shared this on Instagram earlier this month, but if you’re a girl with a ponytail who every does any working out ever, I strongly, strongly suggest reaching out to Pretty Knotty. I bought their Slip Fit Ties last month and THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING. They keep my pony tail in place the whole time. No more redoing the ponytail half way into the workout. Unfortunately, that means you won’t get that moment of pause anymore either. I know- it’s such a double-edged sword. 😉

This month, I also bought my first pair of Zyia leggings. I AM SO GLAD I DID. These are wayyyyyyyy cheaper than Lululemon and a much better quality. I have the saggy lower belly pooch from being fat (People who tell you that your skin will bounce back are lying.), so I have a hard time to get leggings to stay up- even high-waisted ones!

Strongly recommend.

Wedding Planning

I am still hating wedding planning. Nothing else to share here.

I hope you enjoyed this slow moment of me sharing my Saturday Morning Tea with you. What’s on your mind right now?

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