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Saturday Morning Tea // September Edition

September 1, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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TOh hallo September. Where did you come from? I see you with your flannels, knee-high boots, and apple picking. You can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you can never take the New Jersey fall out of the girl (but you can take the tolerance for winter/snow). Like most mornings, I’ve got some Blue Lady Black from Zest Tea in my mug. There is nothing like this cup of tea to get me going.

Today is my first day home in two weeks. I have lots of life to catch up on (hi pile of mail and wedding RSVPs). I’m going to Orange Theory this morning. I went grocery shopping last night and want to get some food prepped for the next couple of days. Lots to do today!

Things I want to catch-up blog about

Here’s a list in the chronological order in which they happened:

  • Tea Party Bridal Shower that was last June
  • Absolutely Perfect Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah
  • The quickest wedding weekend (Monday-Tuesday) in Colorado
  • Crying Tears of Joy at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Can I blog in September about something that happened in June or should I just move on?

Allegiant Airlines, I love you

I could write a whole novel on how I’ve fallen in love with Allegiant Airlines over the last six months. I won’t, but let me mention this series of points:

  • Both carry on and checked bag fees are waived for military and their dependents, meaning you just pay the cost of the flight
  • Their flights are incredibly cheap (I’ve paid between $45 and $70 each way) because you’re paying just for the things you need; your ticket price is just for your ticket, if you want a bag, pay for a bag.
  • Bring your snacks and water bottle with your through airport security. In order for them to keep their costs down, they don’t include any of these amenities.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to their customer service team, including gate agents and flight attendants. Every one I’ve ever dealt with has been absolutely spectacular.
  • Allegiant does not show up in Google Flights. You’ll have to search for their fares on Allegiant directly.

I would absolutely recommend checking them out for your next flight!

Crossfit Games Performance Scraper

Since watching Camille Leblanc-Bazinet win Event 2 at the 2018 Games this year, I’ve had a silly question rolling around in the back of my head: How many Event wins come from people not in the final heat? Are they ever not in the second-to-last heat?

I’m not pondering the problems of the universe here, and lucky for me there’s an easy solution to this: look at the data. When I looked at the games website, though, I was shocked at how not-friendly-for-analysis it is. I decided to make it friendly for analysis by building a python scraper that takes the JSON data from the API and the normalizes it into two tables: overall performance and individual event performance.

There’s a ruby scraper on GitHub, but I’m not sure that it works- and its ruby, which is not my jam.

This was an easy thing to write, and in its current form I’m pretty happy with what it does, what it delivers, and its level of abstraction. I’m going to add a README to it to explain how to use it, but then call that part of it a day.

If you have data-driven questions about the Games results, you can create an Issue in the Issue Tracker. Maybe I’ll get to it at some point.

See it on GitLab: Crossfit Games Performance Scraper

Is this deployment really almost over?

I have a tentative return date for C and let me tell you, it’s already giving me stomach aches.

I distinctly remember when C had just finished his third phase of Ranger School. I spent the whole day near my phone, making sure it was well-charged, hoping to hear from him that he had gotten his coveted Go. I remember checking and checking and checking my bank account hoping he had used the ATM Codes we had set up (yes, that’s a thing). I remember it being 8 PM with my knees on the ground, face flopped on to the couch in agony, as I didn’t know if he’d be finishing or not. I had, by the way, bought my flight to graduation almost 3 weeks earlier, an eternity in Ranger School years. I just sat there and waited. My poor roommate tried to comfort me to no avail.

Now I feel like I’m in that limbo again. I know he’s coming home, and I have a sense of when it might be, but I don’t know if that sense is anywhere close to accurate. And the agony of waiting isn’t any less real today than it was then.

I’ll feel better when he’s home.


I just wanted to share a couple of podcasts I’m really digging lately, in no particular order:

Off to walk Bo, make some breakfast, and get ready for OTF & diving back into regular life! 👋


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