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September 4×4 Round Up

September 30, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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September was a good month for us here at Burke Does! We published posts every weekday this month but one. We grew so much. And we’re really happy to be sharing this space with you our wonderful readers.

Let’s look at this month in review.

4 Favorite Blog Posts

Tough one. In no particular order:

  1. Banza Mix-Up
  2. Restaurant Review: Whisk, Miami, FL
  3. Book Review: This is How You Lose Her
  4. Banana Ice Cream

4 Favorite Instagram Posts

WE WERE REUNITED. Literally, nothing more exciting.


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Laura had an awesome philanthropy event this month.

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We had a couple of really great giveaways this month, but these Ashley Shelly notebooks are going to a very special reader!



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A couple of restaurant reviews went up this month, but this was our favorite.





4 Favorite Pinterest Pins

There were so many great ones that I’m just going to suggest you follow us here.

Visit Burke Does’s profile on Pinterest.  

4 Favorite Friends Posts

    • The most darling Anna wrote about the pressure to want a career that seems good on the outside. Post here.


  • Taylor’s post on subscription boxes is testing my will power. Post here.



  • Erica’s basically perfect Stitch Fix box inspired me to put in for another one! It should be here any day! Post here.



  • I love love love leggings. I basically live in them. I was so inspired by the Creative Closet leggings theme! So many great ways to style them. Post here.



To end the month, I have another really exciting giveaway to bring you!

Trick-Or-Treat $1000 Cash Giveaway

Munchkins and the Military 4x4 Round Up

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