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September 2016 Goals

September 5, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Happy Labor Day, y’all. Casey is home and I’m taking the day off from responsibilities to spend time with him.

We are officially in the last month of the third quarter. It’s a great time to check in your quarterly goals. This quarter I imposed a categorical spending ban on books and cosmetics. I’m very happy to say that two months in, I still haven’t spent in either of this categories!

In terms of my monthly goals, I don’t know if I could rave about my Power Sheets anymore. I had a really successful month and I swear it’s because of these things. My Tending List helps me constantly be working toward my monthly and six-month goals. I love the satisfaction of actually making progress towards my big picture goals.

Social Media Check-in

August: Twitter, 1381; Instagram, 2268; Pinterest, 1156; Facebook, 558; Bloglovin, 569 = 5932
September: Twitter, 1376 (-5); Instagram, 2459 (+191); Pinterest, 1190 (+34); Facebook, 623 (+65); Bloglovin, 572 (+3) = 6220 (+288), 4.9%

I haven’t put a ton of effort into any social media platform lately- doing the bare minimum across the board as other things have been more of a priority. I track these each month because they’re cool to have, but I really don’t put more effort into it than necessary. I also don’t let these numbers define me or my perspective on BD. It’s just worth tracking to have. This was pretty great growth, primarily on Instagram (my primary platform lately) and Facebook where I put the effort to put in a new cover photo (Thanks Facebook for always redesigning whenever you feel like).

August Goals

Blog // Finish SEO Summer School. FAIL. I wrote a bit about this hear, but what I decided was that after a couple of weeks of failing to making progress on the course, I needed to put it aside and then come back to it. I decided instead to put my energy into EBA. I have so many resources that I’m going to be spending my time on what I have and not spend anymore money.

Productivity // Create a life schedule for M-F. FAIL. This is a prime example about why goals need to be specific. What does “Create a Life Schedule” even mean? About a week into the month, I decided this meant wake up at 6 PM. With Casey gone, though, I’ve been going to bed later and that includes

Financial // Generate $250 in Freelance Income. Yes! This is an “earned income” goal, not a “brought home the bread” goal. I usually get paid 30-60 days after a project submission. In August, I earned $500! It’s nothing compared to the $900 I took home in July, but I’m hoping to make things more steady. Since my goal for the year is to be down to just my two loans, my goal is to generate extra income to help pay down debt!

Fitness // Crossfit 4x/week. Yes! I have crushed the goal, spending my weekends at the box too! This was a super easy goal this month and I’m going to be upping it next month.

Social // Keep putting myself out there! Yes! Since Casey was gone this month, it was make friends or go crazy. And I did make friends. I finally feel like I have multiple circles of friends here and I’m so happy about it! I went to Escape Fayetteville with one group, had multiple coffee dates, went to multiple girls’ nights, and went to dinner with the women from my box.

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. Yes! I am still on track, which has sometime required a lot of time on the weekends, but this is my most important weekly goal! It’s a lot of material but for me to stay on track to graduate this is definitely something I have to do!

Build // Finish my OneMonth HTML Course and start something new. There’s a 20% off coupon to One Month HERE*. Yes! I did finish the HTML Course. I’m now doing the free Learn.Co Web Development Track to keep making progress and I love that it’s free.

Read // Two books. Yes! I finished Jen Sincero’s You are A Badass and Laura Vanderkam’s I Know How She Does It. I reviewed both of them earlier this month here.

Stitch // Finish Archer’s Towel. Yes! I finished the cross stitch towel for Baby Archer! I’m glad that I could stitch even if just for a little.

Savor // Keep at it with my weekly reflections. Yes! I’ve done a good job of post my weekly reflections as part of my weekly to-do lists.

September Goals

Blog // Prep for FinCon! FinCon will be here before I know it! I still have to book my flights and order business cards. I’d also like to set up a Resources Page and redo my As Seen on Page before I go. When I come back, I’d like to start thinking about new branding, but for now my new Facebook page will have to do.

Productivity // Wake up by 6 AM 3 times per week. Now here is a specific goal! It’s starting to not be so bright in the mornings so I really want to make this a routine before it gets super dark. Let’s start at three times per week and then we can bump it up.

Financial // Generate $300 in Freelance Income. Since I crushed last month’s goals, I’m going to aim to earn another $300 this month. I got so wrapped up in doing the work that generated last month’s earnings that I didn’t actually lay enough ground work to earn this month, so on top of all the travel I’m going to be doing, I’m going to have to have to really commit to it. All about the #hustle

Fitness // Crossfit 17x this month. I’m going to be traveling from th 20th through the beginning of October, but if I still go 17 times (every day that I’m home), it’s still worth the money and I’ll keep myself on track.

Social // Get a really nice double date with Casey and one of our friends before I start traveling for the month. Our 1000 day anniversary is this month, so I’d like to go on a date for that just the two of us, but I’d also like to go on a double date with one of our couple friends before I hit the road.

Learn // Stay on track with my Smartly MBA. Four more weeks to make progress this month and traveling is not excuse.

Build // Keep making progress on EBA, at least three weeks worth of progress. I’m okay with only doing three weeks because I know I’ll be traveling. I’m giving myself grace here.

Read // Two books. I’m currently reading Lauren Greuttman’s The Recovering Spender. Next, I plan on reading Coris Weather’s Sacred Spaces. I’d like to finish up Code at some point- maybe one chapter per week. It’s just so dense.

Stitch // Spend 15 minutes stitching per week. Only 15 minutes. I just am trying to get back into a swing of things. I want to buy a new ornament set, but I can’t do that without finishing the projects I do have.

Savor // More weekly reflections. Every single week. I want a perfect month this month.

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