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September 2016 Net Worth

September 12, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Do you wonder how much money progress you make each month? I do. Sometimes I feel like I’m a hamster on wheel and I feel like I’m going nowhere. And then I look at the actual numbers and they remind me that I should have hope, that I am making progress.

While today’s post is being published on 9/12/2016, these numbers are from September 1 at noon. I set aside one hour on the first of every month to collect my numbers.



I saved $9/month like I usually do. Nothing special here. I don’t use Buffer anymore, so I don’t know what I’m goign to be doing with this money, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

Ally- Future Travel

I added another $85 to this account! This is going to be super helpful when I book my FinCon flights! I will be tapping into this at some point this month.

Ally- Savings

This account normally includes my $1000 emergency fund, but I had to tap into that at the very end of August to cover an emergency on my car that totaled $1050. I’ll talk more about how this will affect my next financial steps in my Debt Repayment Update. The rest of the money here is money that I’ve set aside for taxes from side income. It might as well make some income, right?

Ally- Tailwind

Tailwind is my favorite Pinterest scheduling platform. I paid for my first year upfront. Since then, I set aside $15/month so that I can pay for it at once again next year.

USAA- Primary

Normal bank account fluctuations here. Nothing special.

USAA- Joint

This is half of the amount in my joint bank account with Casey. Through this account, we pay for rent, groceries, and other joint home expenses. This month, Casey was in the field and forgot to schedule an automatic transfer, so that accounts for why this account is so much lower than the previous month. That was remedied soon after he came home.


This is my casual spending account. Again, nothing special. I’ve pretty much stopped using this in its intended capacity.

Roth IRA

This is the Roth IRA through Betterment that I opened in September 2015. I invested $5500 but I have not contributed since. You can open your own investment accounts through Betterment with my referral link here.

Roth 401K

My employer offers a 4% match, so I invest 4% of my gross paycheck in after-tax dollars into a Roth 401K administered by my employer. This amount includes the match.


This is my debt as of the first of the month. By the time I update my debt for the end of August it will look different again! In the mean time, here are details on my debt as of my last Debt Repayment update.

Overall Net Worth and Thoughts

My Net Worth on September 1 was -3647.88. This means that despite spending my ENTIRE emergency fund on a car emergency (my fuse box and alternator went to car heaven in the same week, but on different visits) my net worth STILL went up $319.44. Despite being handed a huge curve ball which means I’m going to have to slog through saving another $1000 before paying off my debt again, all while dealing with traveling for FinCon, for work, for Logan and Kailey’s wedding, and for Grace Hopper, forget Thanksgiving and Christmas or gifts for anyone. Not to mention my income is going down from increased healthcare premiums at work. Sigh.

Let me know: How do you stay motivated when life hands you lemons? 

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