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Sharing my Net Worth

May 16, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I’m usually abrasively unapologetic about writing the things I want to write about here for Burke Does.

As I sat down to write a post about my net worth, a lot like this one, I couldn’t help but be sorry. I crunched the numbers and I was embarrased. I know what my net worth is. The Learnvest app actually shows me a number more conservative than the real thing because it doesn’t account for my Digit savings or my car (~$2000).

I share my debt pretty openly (last month’s here). If you think I have a positive net worth, well… you’re pretty wrong. More than anything, though, I was scared. If I share my net worth for you, will you judge me?

I’ve been reading some other net worth posts. Let’s take a quick peak at the values:

JMoney from Budgets are Sexy: 496,016
May from Messy Money: 857,000
Freedom 40 Guy: 1,110,055
Brian from Debt Discipline: 318,258

Those numbers are impressive. But who writes about their negative net worth? While I can talk about debt, my budget, and even how much I’ve saved this year, talking about my net worth feels like admitting that I have failed to this point. While I try to be as vulnerable as I can, I’ve decided it’s too much for me right now to put myself that out-there right now.

I promise that I plan on still repaying my debt every month and sharing that with you. I’ll probably keep sharing my spending reports, too, but I’m going to include in my spending reports some information on the money I’m saving, including for things like sinking funds (a term I learned from Bailey! though I had been using the principal)

Am I being overly sensitive about sharing my net worth? What are your thoughts?

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