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Quarter 3 2016 Spending Bans

June 27, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Today starts Week 27! This officially means we’re in the second half of the year (even though it’s not quite July 1 yet). This week we start Quarter 3 of year! This is a great chance to reevaluate your goals for the year. I’m going to be working on my Powersheets to help get me to my goals for the rest of the years.

One of the largest goals I have is to get out of all my credit card debt and I’ve been working on it diligently. I constantly am focused on minimizing expenses and not spending money (sometimes to the point where I give myself anxiety). In January, I tried to do a no spending ban and that went relatively well.  Now months later, I’m trying to evaluate where I’d like to establish categorical limitations. Rather than tell myself I’m not going to spend any money, setting myself up for failure, I know that there are some things that I can limit myself to spending no money in certain categories.

This idea comes in part from Jaelan’s Makeup Capsule Experiment. When I read that she decided not to move forward with her capsule experiment three months in, I was a little bummed because I was hoping that she could be an example for me. Jaelan’s a makeup aficionado, though, and I am not. Hell, I have ton of unused, still in their packaging, palettes. I very rarely feel a need to buy makeup so when I do, it’s usually an impulse buy because I see something and it looks cool.

I do have a compulsion to buy books, though. It’s hard for me to not add books to my Amazon cart regularly (though I don’t keep my credit card stored in Amazon anymore) and driving by a Barnes and Nobles or any book store can be hard. This might seem crazy, but reading books is what allows me to keep learning and learning is my favorite thing in the whole world. To me, books = knowledge, but that’s only true if you actually read the books.

I have a book shelf at home of books I’ve accumulated through the years (mostly in college) that I wanted to read but never got around to it. I’ve started to get my reading back on track (you can see my finish reading dates here), but it could take me years to crush through the enormous piles of books I have.

No Spend Months are really hard. Instead Emilie is doing a category spending bans. This is such a cool idea. I'm such a book worm so I need to read through my bookshelves anyway! No spending on books wouldn't lead me to feel limited because I still have tons of books to read. | Burke Does
Here’s my plan: I will not spend any money on books or makeup in July, August, or September. I cannot buy books or makeup but I can be gifted them, though, I cannot ask for them as gifts. I can do book exchanges with friends (looking at you Bailey) and pay postage on those exchanges, but I cannot buy new books for these exchanges and I must read the books I get from the exchanges.

I cannot buy any makeup or cosmetics products, except for moisturizer. I cannot buy cleansers, toners, eye shadow, lipstick, bath bombs, bubble bath, epsom salt, or ANYTHING that might fall into those categories. Much like I need to read through the books on my shelves, I need to use the makeup products that I have. I would like to really make progress at getting through some of the stuff on my vanity. I’m pretty sure I have six mascaras. Why do I need that many mascaras?

As I read through my bookshelves, you can see my reading progress at #burkedoesreads on the Instagram. As I get through my makeup and cosmetics, you can follow along at #burkedoesempty.

The next three months of no spending on these two categories will hopefully help keep me within my budget limitations, as well as help me get through the goods I have here at home, getting me closer to my goal of decluttering. Also, I’m buying a new book shelf with the plans of getting rid of the current one which will force me to go through my books with a fine-toothed comb.

Two questions for you:

  • What are your spending weaknesses?
  • Have you ever done category spending bans?
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