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Spending Log // Week 2

January 14, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to this week’s Spending Log! This is my explanation of all the money I spent in the last week. The week number aligns with the week in the year. My hope with the spending logs is that over time I can become increasingly more intentional and transparent with my spending.

Week 2 Personal Spending
Date Expense/Description Category Amount
1/10/17  Tech Ladies Founding Membership Professional Development 297
1/10/17 Pages of Purpose Fitness 16
1/10/17 Yoga Fitness  14
1/11/17 Milso Box Gifts 204
1/11/17 Five Guys Food 20
1/13/17 Circle K (Coffee for Casey and Donuts when we were out of coffee) Food 7
1/13/17 Pedicure Self-Care 35
1/13/17 Walmart (Stuff for Frank) Gifts 17
1/14/17 Circle K Gas 20
Total 630

HOLY MOLY I SPENT A LOT OF MONEY LAST WEEK. Two transactions accounted for over $500 of that though, so not nearly as bad as it could have been.

On Tuesday, I bought my Tech Ladies Founding Membership. It was $300 unexpected dollars, but it will be so worth it. I have already adjusted my budget form February on to create the sinking fund for this going forward.

I also bought Pages of Purpose, which I’m sure will be a great investment since I loved the last book I read from Krissy Mae Cagney. Then I went to Yoga with Angie.

On Wednesday, I bought a six month subscription of the Milso Box for a friend whose fiancee just deployed. Subscription boxes are always fun and I think she’ll like it! It was obviously an expense, but it’s my way of reminding her she’s on my mind even from afar.

That same day, Casey came home after a week of being gone and asked for Five Guys, so… we got Five Guys. That Friday, Casey was off, but I did not get coffee for the house, so I went out and got us coffee and donuts.

On Friday, I treated myself to a much-needed pedicure. It was 70 degrees (my favorite spring-ish weather in January!) and it had been over 10 weeks since my last one! Much-needed, much-deserved.

Otherwise, I bough gas and some stuff for a friend’s Ranger School care package.

I need to not spend money next week.


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