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Thoughtful presents

August 21, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Two months ago today, I turned 22. My birthday went by quietly this summer because there was so much going on. It was also Father Day this year. With my Dad moving to Puerto Rico later this year, I really wanted to make sure it was his special day. Unfortunately, it was also the day that I had to leave for Training Camp, so I could not actually spend the day with him. Instead, we had Father’s Day the day before.

Thoughtful Presents


With me graduating college and summer starting, money is tight all around and I did not expect gifts from anyone. Casey and I, though, had an agreement: we’d get each other birthday gifts but not graduation gifts. This works out extremely well because our birthdays are only 8 days apart! And, yes, I am the older one (and I never let him forget it).

This year, Casey got me the most wonderful gift, I could ever have imagined.  Yes, that’s luggage.



A month earlier, I had mentioned that I desperately needed luggage. That I didn’t know how I was going to do the traveling I had planned and that luggage was so expensive. When I mentioned this to Casey, I wasn’t hinting at something I wanted. The idea of him getting me luggage as a present was not even remotely a thought in my head!

I slept over at his mom’s home the 20th because it was in the middle of my drive up to Rhode Island. That morning, I came downstairs to the beautiful sight of luggage as a birthday gift.

Getting the luggage was wonderful, and extremely practical- my favorite quality in a gift. More than anything, though, it demonstrated Casey’s thoughtfulness. It meant so much to me that he had been listening to me complain about something as mundane as laundry, enough to realize that it would make the perfect birthday gift. (We’re both extremely practical gift-giving people.)

Don’t get me wrong. The pretty, fancy, stereotypical gifts are great. Our first Valentine’s Day I got flowers, and the second I got a dozen red roses. More meaningful, though, was the thoughtfulness that came in picking out luggage, not just any luggage, but orange luggage especially made for Princeton.

Curious as to what I got Casey? Well, right as I was brainstorming, I read Erica’s post on the Bottle Breacher! I entered the giveaway, but it didn’t even matter. That same day, I ordered a Brass one for Casey that said “Beat Navy.”

beat navy


I followed up by sending him a drill and toolkit right to his new apartment at Fort Benning. It was exactly what he wanted to get his own tool collection going! He has since used both multiple times in setting up new furniture!

Now, my handsome boyfriend goes away to RTAC today and Ranger school right after so if you find me being a sappy, needy (and maybe sometimes cranky) girlfriend, it’s because I miss him.

What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever gotten?

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