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Turning 26 + Solo Summer Bucket List

June 23, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I turned 26 this week. Capturing birthday reflections here seems to be a thing I do, so I’m happy to do it again albeit a couple of days late.

Twenty-six does feel like a weird number. It’s no just on some of the forms anywhere where I’m age-bracketed in the group over the 21-year-olds; it’s all of them.

This birthday came and went quietly, as it fell smack-dab between a whirlwind vacation/C deploying and me traveling to KubeCon+CloudNativeCon+Open Source Summit Shanghai.

The Floral Otto from R Riveter that I’ve been eyeing since it first came out went on sale on my birthday (first day of summer!), so I snagged it at 25% off. (I’ve been on a bit of a coping shopping spree lately, and hopefully, that will be the end of it.)

If I could do one thing differently, I think I would have spent more of the day reading. I didn’t read at all on Friday beyond what I normally do in the mornings. I worked really, really hard that day (just look at my activity history for the whole week!), but that also meant the day flew by. I wish I had spent just a little bit more time in a present state, savoring the book I was reading. (In case you’re wondering, I just finished There, There by Tommy Orange and started The Latte Factor by David Bach.) I remember last year sitting in the pool, reading Off the Clock by Laura Vanderkam and being enamored with the day. I wish I had made just a little bit of that for myself.

Another birthday means summer is definitely here (though it’s been in Georgia for a bit already). This summer I’ve committed to TV FREE SUMMER. From June 21- August 21, there will be no TV. Here are the rules:

  • no TV (YouTube TV)
  • no streaming services (Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime)
  • it is okay to cast a YouTube video to the TV if it’s a technical talk but not otherwise
  • it is okay to Bluetooth to the soundbar but not turn on the TV
  • it is okay to go to the Movie Theater (occasionally)
  • an occasional youtube video is fine, but do not watch youtube, as if it were TV

The goal here is just to carve out a little bit more time in my day. I also think TV is a huge impediment to being present and staying focused. I do well with absolutisms (e.g. Book Buying Ban 2k19 still going strong!), so it’s worth trying this brief experiment. I’ve been thinking about it, since at least April, so I kicked it off earlier this week when C left. So far so good. Things I’ve noticed:

  • I need to move the remote from its usual place to reduce temptation
  • I should unplug the TVs

I’ll be sure to report how it goes.

On a different note, summer is here, and it’s time to seize what will be our last summer here in Savannah (at least for the foreseeable future). Summer bucket list (many of these come from my 101 in 1001 list):

  • Go on a Savannah ghost tour
  • Attend a Savannah Banana game
  • Watch a summer concert from a lawn
  • Visit the prohibition museum
  • Do yoga every day for a month
  • Have a no-eating-out month
  • Take another cooking class at The Mansion
  • Spend a weekend totally unplugged
  • Buy the meal of the person behind me in a drive thru
  • Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month
  • Try a new hiking trail

Previous birthday recaps:

Since Casey and I started dating 2013, we’ve spent 1 of my birthdays together- my 22nd in 2015. Wow. I knew that, but I hadn’t really realized it.

Photo: Birthday ice cream. I ate the whole pint by myself. No shame. No regrets.

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