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Welcome to the Real World

April 20, 2016
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There is nothing worse than the feeling of uncertainty. Waking up every morning being unsure of what you will be doing or where you will be working in a month is absolutely the worse feeling. As a soon to be college graduate, I find myself faced with dilemma; I find myself facing the question of whether I should accept a job so I have an answer to the dreadful, “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

I’m lost because I never quite thought about it. My plan was to go to medical school, and I decided to put that on the back burner for two years to save up some money and be comfortable enough to start that adventure in my life. Right now, I am twenty-one years old. I am about to be a college graduate from one of the top one hundred colleges in the country. And I am unemployed.

It’s a scary thought to be unsure of what I want to do or where this next chapter in my life is going to take me. What’s even scarier is that I found an almost perfect job – everything except the salary was a perfect fit. The question that I was left with was: do I settle? Do I take an opportunity because it is the first opportunity I have? Or do you pass an opportunity, with the fear that there may not be another one to replace it?

Well for me, I was never one to take the safe way out. I have chosen to live a life of uncertainty, not knowing what the world holds for me after next month, but I know that I will make it through. I am a hard-worker. I graduated in three years. I work two jobs, and I am not afraid. I am ready to succeed, and I’m not waiting for opportunity to find me; I am looking for it.

Ready for the adventure, doesn’t mean ready for the uncertainty. I dread the idea of walking off this campus, for the last time, as a graduate, and still being unsure of what my time here has taught me. Three years. One-hundred and twenty-three credits. Eye-opening experiences. Life-changing moments. I’ve grown as a person in my time here, and I’ve found myself and what I stand for, and no job is enough for me to sell that out without loving every aspect of it.