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How well do your last twelve instagram posts describe you?

May 11, 2016
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When I think back to the memories I hold most dear, I’ve captured them in my mind rather than through a photograph. The moments made most special tend to be moments where we actually live and enjoy the event rather than spend almost an hour outside trying to take the perfect candid.

So the question becomes, how well do your last twelve Instagram photos describe who you are? When you look at them, do they exemplify the different aspects of your life or the moments where you spent the time to stop making memories to take the perfect picture so you could make everyone else jealous as they scrolled past it when you popped up on their feed? Are we a society that is so obsessed with like that we haven’t forgotten what it actually means to live in the moment and enjoy our experiences?

My last twelve Instagram posts. That takes us all the way back to March 8, when my best friend (Jovania of Jovania Michelle blog) came to visit me in Miami.

Bottom Row:

From left to right – 1 & 2 are both pictures from my 21st birthday pregame (because that’s the only part where pictures were captured. The turn up was real.) 3. Was the visit from jovania described above.

Third Row from the Top:

1. Selfie because the lighting was amazing and I was 15 minutes early for work. 2. Throwback to my preschool graduation now that I am approaching my college graduation. 3. Brunching with my sorority sisters because there is really no place I would rather be than bottomless mimosas at brunch.

Second Row from the Top:

1. Boat trip out in Key Biscayne – it was super awesome. We docked at a sandbar then did a night ride through Bayside. 2. My volunteer crew because we kill it. Check out The Little Lighthouse Foundation to get involved. 3. My selfie with Sebastian. I could not graduate from the University of Miami without getting a picture with Sebastian.

Top Row :

1. Doing acroyoga while volunteering with my munchkins at a yoga and beach day thanks to dare2detox. 2. My senior bar crawl. Yayy – the shirts say: please help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t turn up. 3. My Chi Omega senior-sendoff where I officially became an alumna.


I can say most of the important things about my life can be told from these 12 photos, but there is also a lot that one misses out on. You wouldn’t see pictures of my boyfriend or know that my sister lived past when I was in preschool – maybe that’s because I often thought I was going to have to kill her. My instagram is pretty accurate to my life, how accurate is yours?

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