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What to Expect + September

September 4, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Introducing... (2)

Since this blog is a combination of Emilie and Laura, it is not going to be exactly like either Emilie Lima Burke or A Day in the Life of Laura. We think that this will give it a special character of uniqueness. As you’ll soon come to learn, we’re very different people with very different personalities and very different lifestyles. That’s why, at the bottom of our posts, you’ll see a little Author Box. In case you weren’t sure, you’ll notice right away who wrote a specific post.

We will be writing to you three to five times per week in the six categories right over in our side bar. Posts will come from us and our collective of blog writers who are amazing people.

We will always be extremely straightforward if we ever have any blog sponsorships.

We will not only create our own high-value content for you, but we will also be creating repositories of high-value content from others. We’re putting those in our Pinterest boards, which you can see here.

Those are just some of our promises to you, our reader.

On to the main attraction

The first Friday of each month, we are doing goal-setting and reviewing. We’ll also be setting a word or theme for the month.

The word for September: Introductions

Since we’re new here and you might be new, we’re going to spend the rest of the month letting you get to know us through our writing style and content. We spent some time together earlier this summer working to bring you some content we thing you’ll love.


Blog // Grow Social Media. Current Stats: Twitter, 42; Instagram, 2024; Pinterest, 328
Blog // Launch Facebook Page
Blog // Catch up in and participate in #VictoriaPlansSeptember Challenge on Instagram
Blog // Manage editorial schedule proactively

Emilie // Read the VFA Book Club Book (This is How You Lose Her) and Go Set a Watchman
Emilie // Set up goal wall in new apartment
Emilie // Finish unpacking apartment

Laura // Make a budget and stick to it
Laura // Write more regularly this month
Laura // Get ahead in school work


So that’s our goals for this month! What are you pushing yourself to do more and better?


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