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What Would You Do: A New Car

February 17, 2016
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I haven’t really kept it a secret that I invest all my extra income in my blog and repaying my debt. I’ve also mentioned, too, that last December my car was stolen (and with it, a laptop plus my favorite boots ever). It’s nice to dream, though, so I’ve partnered with my What Would You Do co-hosts to talk about what we would do with a new car!

Of course, we’re speaking only in imaginations, but frankly, I don’t want one. As I sat down over and over and over to think about how to write about cars all I could think about was how I didn’t want a specific car. If I could get the car of my dreams, the fact of the matter is I wouldn’t be interested because I don’t have a dream car. All I want, all I’d need in a car is four wheels and an engine that runs.

I’m really luck to have bought a 2002 VW Bug last winter after everything happened that does all of that. The only thing I wish I could change about it is a four-door instead.

Cars aren’t my thing. Now, let’s start talking about lipsticks…


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Emilie is a data engineer by day and lifestyle blogger by night. A Jersey girl at heart, she is currently living in her fifth home in three years, Savannah, GA with her college sweetheart. She’s learned the hard way that home is wherever the Army sends them. She enjoys eating food, cuddling with her dog, and binge watching HGTV.