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Restaurant Review: Whisk, Miami, FL

September 14, 2015
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My sister and I are slightly obsessed- okay, my sister is obsessed and I just love her- with Diners, Dive-ins, and Drives. Whenever deciding on a restaurant in a new place, Emilie always tried to find a Triple-D restaurant. I don’t get it either.

When she came to move me into school, I knew we would have to go to Whisk, which she had recently seen on a Triple-D re-run. And, I’m really glad we did.

Whisk is located in South Miami and offers southern-style food with an upscale feel. Walking in, one of the first things that catch the eye is the open kitchen and a group tables. The open kitchen lets you see what is going on in the kitchen, and the group seating is a pretty cool idea if you’re going out to eat alone or with a small group. They also have individual tables, however I personally like the idea of being able to sit and converse with complete strangers during lunch – who doesn’t like making new friends?

The food here is to die for. So I went on a lunch date with my wonderful sister who dealt with a me on a 20 hour drive down to Miami (#burkedoesroadtrip on instagram, if you want to follow a little of our adventure) so we definitely wanted to treat ourselves and this was the perfect choice. From the mason jar glasses to the attentive wait-staff , walking into Whisk was definitely a great decision.

 photo Whisk Restaurant Review Miami FL 4_zpsi74mpwsi.jpg
We ordered four things:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts
Bacon Wrapped, Gorgonzola Stuffed, Medjool Dates (4)
Sea Scallop Special

The Fried Green Tomatoes were perfectly coated on the outside and had a great crunch while the tomatoes were not soggy and held their consistency well, however they did fall a little flat. There was definitely a flavor element missing in this dish. It needed something light to contrast how heavy the dish was from the breading and frying.

 photo Whisk Review Miami FL 1_zpspc7dzhpa.jpg
The Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts **disclaimer: I am obsessed with Brussels sprouts** but they were fantastic. You can taste the caramelization of the onions, the meatiness of the bacon, and the crunch of the pecan against the cabbage-like consistency of the Brussels sprouts which made them fantastic. I actually ended up eating almost the entire plate and still wanted more.

 photo Whisk Review Miami FL 2_zpsrfkc7kui.jpg
The Bacon Wrapped, Gorgonzola Stuffed, Medjool Dates were the best thing we had on their menu. The sweetness of the dates with the saltiness of the bacon and the tanginess of the cheese made this the perfect dish. All of the flavors worked so well together and it was crunchy and chewy and simply phenomenal.

 photo Whisk Review Miami FL_zpscqchgbat.jpg
The Sea Scallop Special was served with avocado, grapefruit, and arugula. This was a little disappointing. The grapefruit felt that it simply didn’t belong and probably could have been better incorporated in a sauce or dressing, while the avocado simply overpowered the flavor of the scallop when eaten together. The plate also came with only two scallops, which is small considering it was an entrée and not an appetizer. My scallop was perfectly cooked though it was only seared on one side, however the other scallop was undercooked which was disappointing.

 photo Whisk Review Miami FL 3_zpscz03fqgv.jpg

Overall, the food was great. The Brussels Sprouts and Dates are definitely MUST-HAVES. And the company was great too.

 photo Whisk Restaurant Review Miami FL_zpswqvpyzfv.jpg

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