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Workout Fashion // Fit For Me

September 17, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Fit For Me is back again and today we’re talking about workout fashion.

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On Tuesday of this week, I decided I was going to just chronicle what I wore to both of my workouts so that I could share them with you. This is my modeling break, just so you know. *clearly just kidding. **maybe only a little

That morning, I had an early lift which is about three days per week. I wake up, eat breakfast, and then go workout. Because I have time while breakfast is cooking, I don’t actually have to lay out my clothes the night before. Because of that, my clothes sometimes doesn’t match- and I’m totally cool with it.

This particular morning, I wore a pretty standard outfit.

 photo IMG_1335_zpshudympmi.jpg
I am a fan of quality workout shorts. These I got from a sale at Under Armour a couple of weeks ago when I had to pick up new cleats. They’re not the prettiest, but they were on sale, so there’s that.

 photo IMG_1336_zpsphylvjdk.jpg
One of my absolute musts when working out is a good pair of spandex. I have #thighzfordays and spandex is the first step in avoiding chafing. Seriously, who wants to deal with uncomfortable bumps and redness. These are Nike Pro Compression Shorts. Similar here.

 photo IMG_1337_zpsayzbsrfh.jpg
A really supportive sports bra can make or break a workout. Really. This one was on the clearance rack at Target. Similar here.

 photo IMG_1338_zps3j6npyop.jpg
Please excuse my beat-up rugby legs from their cuts and bruises #athletelyfe. A quality pair of sneakers is so important to a good workout. As a rule of thumb for all of life, not just working out, take care of your feet. Similar here.

And that led to an intense workout- and it was leg day. Leg day is the best day.

That evening, I had rugby practice, so after work, I rushed home to change into this:

 photo IMG_1340_zpsagmji9pu.jpg
I wore a comfort colors coral shirt with my monogram on the pocket from Sydney Says Sew with a pair of Nike shorts with my letters on them that I did as part of a chapter gear order in college. Because I banged up my knee pretty badly on Saturday and I had leg day in the morning, I was hurting before I even got to rugby practice, so I slipped on the compression sleeve for some alleviation and added support.

So there you have it, my workout fashion. You know, since it is New York Fashion Week. Don’t forget to check the other wonderful ladies who have linked up! Especially my co-hosts, Anna and Angie!

What is you favorite workout wear?

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Be sure to come back in two weeks because we’ll just be pouring out our hearts and souls about our workout must haves.

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