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Hidden Talents

July 15, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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No surprise here: I’m a planner. I like to sit down and look at what I’m doing and what I have to get done and plan out the best way to get from Point A to Point B.

Lot of planners, though, get stuck in this stage. They got boggled down under the experience of planning right that they never move to the stage of execution. As you may know, I have long subscribed to the planner method and being a planner. I have had to-do lists that keep me going (or make me feel overwhelmed) for a long, long time. Nonetheless, I have, for even longer, been a doer.

Execution of a project is my specialty. I am very good at developing an idea and running with it. A great example of this is that I have launched my first indiegogo campaign for my new start-up ShopHack, which you can read more about here. In the span of a couple of weeks, shophack went from an idea I had while driving, to an idea I was pitching and prototyping, to a crowdfunding campaign.

The idea behind ShopHack is simple: there is free money in the world and you are entitled to it. I’ve figured out ways to save money on my groceries and I think you should know them. Your contribution will not only earn you a ShopHack guide, but will also support further research into other areas, such as bulk retailers and big box stores.

ShopHack is a simple product that can literally revolutionize how you grocery shop. What are you waiting for? Now is your chance to execute. Go get the full guide for just $25 before they’re all gone.

Also, I can sing Jingle Bells with my mouth closed. Talk about hidden talents.

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