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My Weekly Grocery List // Spring 2019

March 13, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meal planning is.. a good idea. It’s one that I’ve floundered on a lot over the last couple of years. The idea of planning out the meals for the whole month, doing the big monthly grocery shop, and then just a weekly (or semi-monthly, even) produce run to supplement is so appealing. I have loved…

My Reflection on the Whole 30 & My Feelings of Embarrassment

August 21, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 5 minutes After two weeks of seemingly avoiding writing at all costs, I found myself fighting for it at the computer last Thursday. I opened this blog post, gave it a title (something I didn’t know I was going to do when I first opened this tab), and hit save. That was the end of that. Life…

My Whole 30: Week 1

July 26, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 5 minutes I shared last week that I was going to be doing a Whole30. This is my first weekly update and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you. This is everything (I think) you need to know. My Physical Journey Sometimes I feel weird recapping my physical journey. The story always begins some time…

I’ve decided to do a Whole30.

July 18, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 6 minutes I came home one day and said I was going to do a Whole 30. You know what sold me on it? Not some book. Not some commercial. Not some ad. Nope. The reason I decided to do a Whole 30 was because the two hosts of the Girls Gone WOD podcast did it. Joy…

30 minute meal for under $5

May 9, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes [Hey y’all. This is a guest post from my younger sister Laura. She’s super cool and in a different phase of life, so I thought it’d be cool to share her thoughts here. Off you go…] If you’re anything like me, cooking just isn’t something you have the time for, and when you’re on a…