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Consolidating responsibilities

March 10, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 3 minutes How many domains do you own? I recognize that to some subset of the population this feels like a ridiculous thing, but to another population it seems like a totally reasonable thing. I started off this year with nearly 20 domains, and it was too much. The .dev domains came out last week. I tried…

2018 Year in Review

December 31, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 7 minutes Oh hayeeeeee. Let me start with the obvious: I failed as a blogger this year. But I’m a-okay with it because I feel my little space here on the web is finally in a place where I’m understanding not only what it is but what I want it to be. It’s like I wanted the…

Give the Gift of Love of Reading, Retreat, & Self

February 9, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 4 minutes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you may be wondering what to give someone you care about. Flowers, chocolates, and dinner are always nice, but what about something a little more special this year? The gift of love is a gift that keeps on giving all year long. What do I mean by…

What I did about the Equifax Data Breach

October 9, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is not a single affiliate link anywhere in this post. These things are not money-making opportunities. They’re real. On September 7, 2017, Equifax, one of the top three credit reporting agencies, announced a cybersecurity incident that could have impacted nearly 150 million Americans. If you haven’t already heard about this, you can read more…

Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

May 15, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie

Reading Time: 7 minutes