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Chicken Salad

December 11, 2015
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I feel like I’m constantly faced with the struggle of not having food in my apartment but having to eat. Very often I think find myself throwing together the leftover items I find and hoping it makes something edible. Lately, may go to meal has been this four-ingredient chicken salad because I’ve realized I can eat it in multiple ways.

It’s super easy to make and takes maybe 10 minutes. I tend to make it only two servings at a time so that I have it for dinner and lunch the next day. However, you can make more at once.

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I use chicken tenders, just because they tend to be a little cheaper than chicken breast in the supermarket. Realistically you can use whatever chicken is cheapest or you can use your leftover turkey from Thanksgiving to make turkey salad. I then chop up about a sixth of an onion and a handful of pecans. I add just enough mayonnaise to lightly coated all, so about 2 tablespoons.

Chicken salad is super cheap and super flavorful and you can eat it so many different ways. I’ve sort of become obsessed with Triscuits lately so I tend to eat it on them. It also works great on sandwiches or in a wrap, especially if you add a little hummus – delicious.

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