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Currently // April 2019

April 3, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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experiencing: all the weather excitements. We’ve had more and more 80 degree days here in Savannah. I spent one sunrise on the beach already but it was chilly. We’ve had one pool day too! I’m excited when I will consistently wake up early on Saturday mornings to move from my bed to a nap at the pool.

appreciating: my job. The last two weeks at work have been hard (in a good way!). I’m tired and my brain feels a little fried. It also feels amazing. Being in a job that is hard and uncomfortable but where I’m in a phenomenal team with great leaders is an amazing formula for personal growth. I’m savoring it and appreciating how much I’ve grown because of it.

wishlisting: books. Here we are in Month 4 of the year and I have not yet bought a book. The Amazon wishlist/cart keeps growing, though. The good news is my sister is also on a book kick right now, which is good. I’m trying to do a good job of reading my shelves and taking advantage of my library, but give me all the books!

posting: I wrote two “Life Lately” style posts last month for the first time in… a year? I really liked the memory-keeping-style post and hope to be inspired to do more of those in the near future.

considering: the details of our honeymoon. We’ll finally be going on our honeymoon in June and there are a lot of tradeoffs to consider!

👋 Tata for now!


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