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End of Summer Favorites

September 12, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I find myself often teetering this line between wanting to go-go-go and wanting to sit on my couch and do nothing at all. Have you ever been in that middle ground? I’ve been opting for my recharge option more often. A great number of the books of been reading constantly remind me (and all its readers) that recharging is one of the keys to productivity. On the day-to-day, recharging comes from sleep. On a weekly basis, recharging also comes from well-spent weekend. In the bigger picture, it also comes from getting away from work, taking vacations, and truly disconnecting from work.

I’ve been personally focusing on better disconnecting, particularly by using my phone less. I have been focused on trying to use my cell phone less so that I’m reading more. Even when I’m watching TV, I want to be intentionally watching TV. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to watch an episode of Scandal. That just means that when I’m doing that, that’s all I’m doing. Down with the multitasking! (except of course for when doing dishes, cooking dinner, or on the assault bike).

Anyway, here’s a random assortment of things that I’m digging lately.

I got engaged!

Okay, I shared about this over on Instagram and I asked whether I should wait to publish the story until I had all the pictures from the photographer or whether I should just go now and y’all replied saying I should wait, so I’m going to, but here is one picture to indulge you for now. Send me ALL of your wedding planning tips, especially if you’ve got the answer to “How to pick a wedding date when you’re fiancee is either about to PCS or deploy if we don’t PCS.” Here’s one picture for now.

Also, some timing because we’re in the middle of spending a couple of months apart. Woo-sah. One. day. at. a. time.


I’m writing this blog post from Brasil. In fact, I’m sitting in my grandmother’s living room on the same couch I’ve been sitting on since I was about five years old. My mom immigrated to the US when she was my age with no money in her pocket and barely a sentence of english. Over 30 years later, she’s seen two daughter through Top 100 colleges. Not gonna lie, she’s pretty badass and has a work ethic that can put anyone to shame. Because both of my parents worked when we were growing up they sent us to Brasil over summer vacations from school so that they didn’t have to send us to camp/day care. I grew up Portuguese but spending whole summers pretty much only speaking it reinforced my fluency for a lifetime. I don’t speak Portuguese very often any more (there’s just not a community where we live), but I’m grateful that I never have to worry about understanding my grandmother.

I originally was planning to not come, but now that I’m here, I’m really glad I am. This was the perfect way to wrap up the summer.

Red Lobster Coupon

A couple of weeks ago, pre-Whole 30, Casey and I decided that we were going to go our to Red Lobster for dinner that night. I spent about 5 minutes online looking for coupons and I ended up getting a free appetizer with the purchase of two adult entrees. We were going to purchase two entrees anyway, so I’m so glad I snagged this. Win-win!

Oats Overnight

I’m pretty sure I found these guys on Instagram. I loved it so much I gave my dad a subscription on Father’s Day. The way it works: at night, add the oats packet to 8 oz of milk, and leave in fridge overnight. The next morning there is a delicious, filling, protein-packed breakfast right there waiting for you! I’ve been using the Nut Milk by Silk instead of regular milk. A breakfast with 40g of protein is only a night’s sleep away.


Homecoming Podcast

I’ve always been a big Gimlet fan, but this podcast is a muuuuuust. The cast include David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends). It’s a fiction story told in a serialized fashion. It’s just like your favorite TV-shows but only in audio-form. I’m way more into audio than most people I know, but I strongly recommend listening to this. Audio storytelling is one of my favorite art forms.


In October, I’m going to be Conferencing it up. First, I’m going to be at MilspoCON (formerly EMBARK) in Wilmington, NC. After a trip to Europe for work, I’ll be heading to MilBlogging in Dallas, followed immediately by FinCon in Dallas. I’m super excited and want to do a better job of preparing for the conferences than I’ve done in the past. What are your conference preparation tips (besides “bring business cards”)?

Anything you’ve been digging lately?

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