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February 2019 Goals

February 1, 2019
AUTHOR: Emilie
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How is it already February? Ooookay, January just flew by! Since this is the “Year of No.“, I felt myself actively using that to turn down requests this year. This is very, very good! Let’s see if I can keep it up!

January Goals

  • Read 3 Books. This month I finished three new books: Atomic Habits by James Clear, Red Platoon by Clinton Romesha, and The Warrior’s Silence by Ord Elliot.
  • Stick to three new time blocks (mastermind, stitching, and content auditing). Yes! I was able to honor these time blocks for Weeks 2, 3, and 4. (I had not yet published goals for Week 1.)
  • Workout 20 times. Unfortunately, not. I wrote about this in my newsletter this week and in Planning When to Workout. I did come very, very close; this was, by far, my best month in a very, very long time (maybe a year?).
  • Work on ONE coding side project. When I set this goal, I mentioned I wanted to roll out the thing that would generate a schema.yml for dbt. My team rolled that out earlier this month! Generator here.
  • Crush my LunchFunction Talk at TechSav. Yes! There were almost 30 people there! You can see the whole video below or read more at the Talk Summary. Lunch Function 101:DataOps: DevOps for Data Engineering

January Habit Tracker

No Spend (anything over $1)

Even though I was successful in my No Amazon month, HOLY COW I SPENT ON A LOT OF DAYS THIS MONTH. Of course, this includes things like groceries (20, 26, & 27), gas (3 & 20), things I’m going to be reimbursed by work for (4 & 6), food while traveling (1, 10, & 11), and flowers/chocolate for a sick friend and a grieving friend (3 & 24). I don’t want to do a “No Spend” month because I want to be able to buy these things, but I would like to spend less frequently. I wonder if Copper Cow Coffee I ordered on the 17th, the Etsy purchase I made on the 18th, and the order I made on the 29th could have been consolidated into one day, forcing me to wait a little bit longer for the things I want. I am not trying to curb a spending problem; I am trying to curb and instant gratification problem.

I had 9 no spend days in January. Let’s see if I can get that to 12 in February.

Gym (at least 20 minutes)

16 out of my goal of 20 isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. Notably, I went to the gym more days than I didn’t, so I’ll take that as my base line from here on out.

I made it to the gym most Mondays. It seems Tuesdays are a weak day for me. They tend to be non-lifting days at my gym. I wonder if those two are related. There were too many times that I broke my “no skipping two days in a row” rule. I need to focus on that.

Read (at least 1 page)

I only missed 7 days this month. Two of those while traveling. Not bad. I’m really please here.

ICYMI: 2019 Goals & My Word of the Year

February Goals

  • Read 2 books. I’m reading my first fiction book in years. I don’t know what my pace is going to be like, so keeping the goal attainable.
  • Honor stitch night, mastermind, and content audit time. Every week that I’m not traveling (Thursday night, Tuesday afternoon, and Friday morning, respectively).
  • CrossFit 12 times and Orange Theory 4 times. I have a work trip this month AND February is a short month, so this seems like a reasonable goal that will still require work.
  • Publish one blog post on She Does DataThis will be on the difference between data visualization and data using the OTBurn app as an example.
  • Finish writing my goodreads scraper. 👉 Project Repo

February Habit Tracker

I use an app called HabitShare (free on iOS) to track some of my habits.

This month I’ll be tracking “No Spend” days, Gym days, Read days, and Writing days. What gets measured gets improved.

  • No Spend (anything over $1). As I mentioned above, my goal is to hit 12 no spend days in February.
  • Gym (at least 20 minutes). From a habit perspective, I’d like to see my “Never miss two days in a row” rule be honored, with the leeway for the trip I’m going on to Nashville.
  • Read (at least 1 page). Just doing my thing.
  • Writing for a blog post, email newsletter, or (Not emails, tweets, or issues for work.). Just starting to collect data here.

February is a short month, so I’ll have to focus to get these things done! Do you have goals you’re setting for this short month?


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