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Give the Gift of Love of Reading, Retreat, & Self

February 9, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you may be wondering what to give someone you care about. Flowers, chocolates, and dinner are always nice, but what about something a little more special this year?

The gift of love is a gift that keeps on giving all year long. What do I mean by “the gift of love?” I mean giving a gift of a more balanced life. Giving a gift that encourages you to grow. Giving a gift that allows you to expand your heart and your mind. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Giving the gift of love is also a gift for you. Giving to someone else releases feel-good emotions in yourself and allow you to feel as good as the person you’re giving the gift to. Giving to someone else is a great way to practice self-care.

If you’re looking for a great gift of love, look no further than these ideas.

The Gift of Reading

If your sweetie loves to read, this is a great way to allow more time for that. And if they don’t read much, the gift a reading a great way to introduce them to a new passion. Reading expands your mind, opens your thoughts up to new ideas, and allows you to learn a little more about yourself. It doesn’t really matter if you give fiction or non-fiction books. Sharing your favorite mystery author or sharing a good book on budget will have the same effect, giving your sweetie a chance to enjoy some down time while expanding their mind.

There are no rules about only giving a Valentine’s gift to your sweetie either. Share your favorite book with a friend, or ask them to join (or start) a book club with you. Connecting over a good book bonds your friendship.

The Gift of Retreat

Sometimes, the best way to recharge is to completely step away from your day-to-day routine. Take some time away from your daily and get away. Even just a night out or an overnight can help you unwind and find your way back to feeling more balanced.

If you know someone who could really use some time for themselves, the gift of retreat is perfect. Just breaking the routine of day-to-day life can help you recharge. Enjoy a girl’s night out full of fun and laughter. It’s Valentine’s Day, take your besties to a great dessert place and enjoy dessert before dinner (or skip dinner altogether). Take a friend to your favorite yoga class with you. Plan an overnight trip to the beach. Or make a point to make new friends together by joining a wine or dinner club.

The Gift of Self

Giving the gift of self-love is probably the best gift you could ever give someone. But how to you gift self-love. It starts by being a good example. Be someone who loves herself and you’ll encourage other women to do the same.

Loving yourself doesn’t have to mean indulging, but it does mean making yourself a priority and knowing that you are worth a little effort. Clean your closet out of everything that doesn’t fit comfortably and vow to buy only clothes that feel good in the future. Get a good night’s sleep by getting to bed at a regular time. Hydrate, eat well, and exercise to show love for your body no matter what size and shape it happens to be. Take a hot shower at the end of a long day and settle in with a good book before bed. And most importantly, stop taking on the world and seek help when you need it. Whether you need help around the house, help with your spirituality, help with your health, it doesn’t matter. Read books, talk to experts, invest in yourself and your wellbeing. This gift of self will encourage and inspire those around you to do the same.

This Valentine’s Day, make the gift of love the best you’ll ever give.

If you’re a military spouse, a first responder spouse, or a retired military spouse, the Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Renew You is a great place to start. Dedicate the first week of March (March 5-11) to spending some time online getting recharged and finding balance.

This conference is going to bring you ten experts throughout the six days to reveal their secrets to a balanced mind and body. Each of the presentations will arrive right to your email inbox so you can listen on your schedule. The Renew You Summit will help you overcome burnout and learn how to avoid it in the future with the tips and tricks from their wellness experts.

There are two registration categories, General Admission and VIP. General Admission gives you access to the wellness talks during the week of the event only. You can listen during down time in the evening, or listen on the go, at the gym or in the car. VIP registration has a few added perks. First, and most importantly, you’ll be able to download all of the recordings so that you can listen as often as you’d like and whenever it’s convenient. You’ll also receive links to purchase exclusive summit apparel by Charliemadison Originals and Grins & Grace. You’ll receive a virtual swag bag full of health and wellness discounts.


Remember, the point is to give the gift of love and that all starts with loving yourself. You don’t need to spend money to do that.

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