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January 2018 Goals

January 2, 2018
AUTHOR: Emilie
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New Year, New Goals [insert hairflip here]

Did you just roll your eyes a little? I see you

I’ve shared over the last couple months about how something in my goals hasn’t been working, but what I’m realizing is that it’s not that the goal-setting system I have isn’t working- how I’m presenting them to you isn’t working for me. It’s not how I organize them for me; it’s not how I organize them in my head.

I’ve decided then to take a cue from the queen of making things happen Lara Casey and am changing my goal presentation format to represent the PowerSheets that I’m diligent about using for keeping me accountable to my goals.

This month, I won’t be recapping my December goals, but in the future I will be recapping my progress on the previous month’s goals before diving into the goals for the next month. Alas, you’ll have to wait for January’s recap to see what that part of this will look like. For now, let’s just jump in!

Remember that my monthly goals are all aiming to bring me closer to the 10 goals I set for myself in 2018, all centered around my word of the year of Finish. They are:

  1. Read 36 books with buying ANY.
  2. Get into and sustain the best shape of my life.
  3. Stitch my Baltimore ornament in time to have it finished for Christmas (July).
  4. Budget together to hit our financial goals.
  5. Date each other more intentionally.
  6. Correct legal & business systems for the business.
  7. Invest in ME without spending any more money.
  8. Rebrand all content from BD to XXX.
  9. [Blog-related goal.]
  10. [Blog-related goal.]

Here are my Powersheets goals for January:

January Prep Work

What’s On My Calendar, Important To Dos, & Things I’m Excited For

January is going to be a busy month (aren’t they all?). C will be going TDY. By sheer coincidence, I also have to travel north for a function in Philly the same weekend, so I’ll be taking the time to spend some time knocking out wedding obligations in New Jersey and going wedding dress shopping for the first time OMG.

I have some ambitious goals for Q1 of this year, which means I have to start January with a strong start, including just doing a lot of work. I’ve shared before that C being gone makes it a little bit harder for me to recharge, but it is what it is and I will have to buckle through.

January Monthly Goals

  • [Something around money that I’m not sharing ]
  • Dress up and go out date night before Casey goes TDY. We did it pretty big for NYE, but I still think we should have a separate January date because we’ll be spending a lot of time apart.
  • Read 3 books. I’m going for The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown, 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam, and Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. Since I’ve got nearly 24 hours of driving on deck this month, I might try to also knock out the audiobook version of Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg since I already have it.
  • Make solid progress on my Udacity Course. This course has been a doozy but it was always meant to be. I’m a little behind the syllabus, but this month would be a great time to catch up!
  • Setup my new ESP with its welcome funnel. This is part of the rebranding work that I’ve committed to!
  • Identify [thing for thing]. Working towards Anonymous Goal #9 here.
  • Plan, categorize, and prioritize content for the audit. My goal is to 1. watch the content audit video, 2. add the steps to different days in Todoist, 3. Create the spreadsheet, 4. Categorize the posts, and 5. Prioritize (probably most recent backwards, to be honest)!
  • Update Top 6 Posts from 2017. I know that I’ll be starting with these six posts since they bring in a solid amount of traffic, so they seem like the best place to start!!
  • Get contracts sorted out with help from CAI.

January Weekly Goals

  • Dress up at-home date night. When C is home the plan will be to do this; when he’s not home, I’ll probably have a self-care/indulgence-y night where I soak in a tub, drink tea, and do those things that I love to do by myself.
  • Read 150 Pages.
  • Wedding Planning Progress. I’ve been pretty not-great at making wedding planning progress so I’m implementing a #WeddingWednesday in my own personal life so that I can actually make sure things are done way ahead of time.

January Daily Goals

  • Go to the gym. Monday through Saturday. 30 minutes on the Assault Bike on Sundays.
  • 20 minutes of stitching. Needlework is good for the brain.
  • Code 1 hour. Every morning.
  • Write 700 Words. On my Freewrite. Every morning!!
  • Update my Mindful Budgeting Planner. I’m thinking this will be a lunch-time activity.

Your turn! Do you have goals for January? What are trying to make happen this month?

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