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Spending Log // Week 1

January 7, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to this week’s Spending Log! This is my explanation of all the money I spent in the last week. The week number aligns with the week in the year. My hope with the spending logs is that over time I can become increasingly more intentional with my spending.

Week 1 Personal
Date Expense/Description Category Amount
1/2/17 Babysitting: Four Hours Income +55
1/3/17 LuLaRoe: Subscription for Laura's Christmas Present Gifts 27
1/3/17 Amazon: Won a $10 Gift Card at Work (Used on Groceries for the House) Fun +10
1/6/17 Friday Night Lights Entry Fee Fitness 10
1/6/17 Taco Bell Food & Groceries 16
1/7/17 Protein Food & Groceries 9
Total 62 Spent and 55 Earned = Net -7

On Monday night, I babysat 4 kiddos for 4 hours and made $55. The parents were more generous than my usual babysitting fees. I’m really glad they could enjoy Rogue One, and I could enjoy some kid time. The extra money is nice too.

On Tuesday, I won a gift card at work that I used toward some groceries that I had to buy from Amazon for the house (which comes out of different money).

For Christmas, I got Laura a LulaRoe subscription over three months. She loves how soft they are and I’m glad I can introduce them to her.


At the end of the week, I competed at Friday Night Lights at Redpoint Crossfit in Fayetteville, NC (videos here). It was only $10 to compete and it was local. In my opinion, it was a better way to spend $10 and a Friday night than some shitty bar. I placed second and rewarded myself and Casey with Taco Bell.

I was planning to go to Nashville this week, so I picked up some pre-packaged protein packets to take with me. Unfortunately, that trip got cancelled because of the bad weather. I will still be submitting for reimbursement for this when I submit as I will just take this protein with me.

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