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Spending Log // Week 1

January 7, 2017
AUTHOR: Emilie
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Welcome to this week’s Spending Log! This is my explanation of all the money I spent in the last week. The week number aligns with the week in the year. My hope with the spending logs is that over time I can become increasingly more intentional with my spending.

Week 1 Personal
Date Expense/Description Category Amount
1/2/17 Babysitting: Four Hours Income +55
1/3/17 LuLaRoe: Subscription for Laura's Christmas Present Gifts 27
1/3/17 Amazon: Won a $10 Gift Card at Work (Used on Groceries for the House) Fun +10
1/6/17 Friday Night Lights Entry Fee Fitness 10
1/6/17 Taco Bell Food & Groceries 16
1/7/17 Protein Food & Groceries 9
Total 62 Spent and 55 Earned = Net -7

On Monday night, I babysat 4 kiddos for 4 hours and made $55. The parents were more generous than my usual babysitting fees. I’m really glad they could enjoy Rogue One, and I could enjoy some kid time. The extra money is nice too.

On Tuesday, I won a gift card at work that I used toward some groceries that I had to buy from Amazon for the house (which comes out of different money).

For Christmas, I got Laura a LulaRoe subscription over three months. She loves how soft they are and I’m glad I can introduce them to her.


At the end of the week, I competed at Friday Night Lights at Redpoint Crossfit in Fayetteville, NC (videos here). It was only $10 to compete and it was local. In my opinion, it was a better way to spend $10 and a Friday night than some shitty bar. I placed second and rewarded myself and Casey with Taco Bell.

I was planning to go to Nashville this week, so I picked up some pre-packaged protein packets to take with me. Unfortunately, that trip got cancelled because of the bad weather. I will still be submitting for reimbursement for this when I submit as I will just take this protein with me.


Emilie is a data engineer by day and lifestyle blogger by night. A Jersey girl at heart, she is currently living in her fifth home in three years, Savannah, GA with her college sweetheart. She’s learned the hard way that home is wherever the Army sends them. She enjoys eating food, cuddling with her dog, and binge watching HGTV.