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Why I Gave Up My Weekends

October 16, 2015
AUTHOR: Emilie
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I work during the week. Actually, I work a lot. And I don’t just work. I also help write this blog, and I needlepoint, and I like to read. I’m in a relationship and that takes up time too (even when I haven’t “had” my boyfriend for 8 weeks #gettinggrumpy). I’ve got a lot going on for sure.

And, now, I’ve given up my weekends. You see, I make a salary at my job. My fellowship actually sets the salary, so it is not at all a reflection of my company. My salary is enough to financially support me. I’m not worried about the lights going out or not having enough money for food and I recognize that in itself is a blessing that 49 million Americans don’t have (source). My salary pays for me to live. It pays for me to keep this blog up and running. I am grateful to being receiving a salary that provides me with all my essential while working a job I thoroughly enjoy.

A long-distance relationship, though, can be very expensive. A round-trip flight to GA is a deal at $250-$300, plus all the expenses that come up in life generally- a dinner date, a beautiful dress in the window at the boutique I love, putting some gas in the tank, stopping for ice cream on the way home. The little things add up. Really quickly.

But, Emilie, you’re basically single the rest of the time. Doesn’t that make it affordable to just spend all of it in one lump sum?

Well, not really. Just because my boyfriend is a flight away doesn’t mean that I just stop living life. I still have friends who I still binge watch Netflix with hang out with on nights and weekends. So this has led me to the decision I made a month ago: to give up my weekends.

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I’ve decided to start working catering on the weekends. What I’ve decided is that this money will fund my relationship- it will just cover things like my flights and spending money when I travel to/with Casey. I’m not expecting this money to change my world, but I hope that by working an event each weekend, two if I’m lucky, I can make the extra money I need to be able to fund this series of extra expenses in my life.

I gave up my weekends because I am not too proud to say I need the extra money.
I gave up my weekends because I am too proud take my boyfriend’s money- he can pay for his flights to me and I can pay for my flights to him.
I gave up my weekends because I can always work harder.

[bctt tweet=”Being financially responsible is not always easy, but it is right.”]

Most importantly, I gave up my weekends because it was the responsible thing to do.
And now I’m supposed to be a responsible adult.

Have you ever had to make a decision for financial responsibility?

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